September 2020

The Brain Tumor Charity Webinar

Mimi had the pleasure of joining our wonderful friend and collaborator, Dr. David Jones, Leader of the Glioma Research Program at the German Cancer Research Institute to present a webinar on pediatric low-grade gliomas for pediatric brain tumor researchers, organized by The Brain Tumor Charity. A recording of the webinar can be found here.

August 2020

Welcome to Michelle

We are excited to welcome Michelle Boisvert as the newest member of the Bando Lab! Michelle, a graduate student in Harvard’s Biological and Biomedical Sciences PhD Program, rotated with the lab earlier this year and has chosen to join the team to complete her thesis project. Michelle will be focused on applying computational approaches to study the heterogeneity of pediatric brain tumors and will be co-mentored by Dr. Beroukhim.

We are thrilled to have Michelle join our team!

July 2020

Prayers from Maria Foundation ‘Abby Streszoff Memorial Collaboration Award’

The Bando Lab and our collaborators in the Phoenix Laboratory at the University of Cincinnati are honored and thrilled to receive the ‘Abby Streszoff Memorial Collaboration Award’ from the Prayers from Maria Foundation. This award will contribute to our efforts to find more effective treatments for children with high-grade gliomas and DIPGs.

The Prayers from Maria Foundation released this beautiful video to describe this very special grant.

Abby, Maria and all of the other children touched by brain tumors remain our inspiration to work as hard as we can in the lab to contribute to efforts to find those better treatments that are so desperately needed.

June 2020

Social distancing, graduations and new lab members!

Its been a big month for the Bando Lab. Having kept the science going full steam ahead while working remotely, we are now also back in the lab completing experiments while social distancing!

We are very proud of our Research Associates Eli Gonzalez, Gabi Gionet and Kenny Qian who ‘graduated’ this month and will be starting their MD-PhD (Eli and Kenny) and Masters (Gabi) Degrees. While we are sad to see them go, we look forward to watching them continue to excel in their careers and thank them for their hard work over the last few years in helping move our research projects forward.

We are also thrilled to welcome Leslie Lupien who joined our lab as a postdoctoral fellow, along with our new Research Associates Jeromy DiGiacomo, Kevin Zhou, Dayle Wang and Rushil Kumbhani. Leslie, Jeromy, Kevin, Dayle and Rushil are all excited to join us on our mission to perform cutting edge research dedicated to pediatric brain tumors to find better treatments for children who are diagnosed with them.

April 2020

Mechanisms of hypermutation in gliomas

The Bando Lab joined forces with the Ligon, Bielle and Beroukhim Labs to evaluate the mechanisms that drive hypermutation in gliomas and to determine the associated therapeutic implications. Our findings were published in Nature and also featured on the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Broad Institute news pages.

April 2020

The science goes on…..and the ‘Bando Bunch’!

We are observing social distancing guidelines and keeping ourselves and others safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Bando Lab has transitioned to working remotely. Importantly, our science continues….we are excited to use virtual team meetings to brainstorm and discuss our science, analyze datasets, write manuscripts and grants and more! All children and families affected with brain tumors are in our thoughts. Our mission is unchanged – we will continue to work as hard as we can to help find those better treatments for the children who desperately need them.

We have also used this time to put our lyric writing skills and Adam’s vocal talents to good use with our very own version of ‘The Bando Bunch’ (click below).

January 2020

DFCI-Everest Pediatric Low-Grade Glioma Symposium

group photo
The Bando Lab joined other members of the DFCI PLGA program to attend the Inaugural DFCI-Everest Pediatric Low-Grade Glioma Symposium in Germany. Our team shared data and brainstormed science around PLGAs with scientists from Everest Center for Low-Grade Pediatric Brain Tumors, forming collaborations that will accelerate our joint endeavors to find better treatments for children diagnosed with these devastating brain tumors. Thank you to the PLGA Fund at the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation for your support.

October 2019

Joint retreat with McGill

The Bando Lab joined the Beroukhim and Ligon Labs for a road trip to Montreal to participate in our inaugural lab retreat with the laboratories of Dr. Nada Jabado and Dr. Claudia Kleinman. We spent two days sharing our ideas and results with the team at McGill University who share our passion to find better treatments for children diagnosed with brain tumors. Thank you to the We Love You Connie Foundation for their generous support.

August 2019

Single-cell RNA-seq profile of Pilocytic Astrocyoma

The Bando and Beroukhim Labs published the first dedicated analysis of single-cell RNA-sequencing profiles of Pilocytic Astrocytoma that harbor BRAF rearrangements. Their findings show that tumor cells that express high levels of MAPK signaling express either senescent or cell-cycle pathways and that MAPK expression is also associated with the more stem-like tumor cells. Our findings were published in Nature Communications and also featured on the Boston Children’s Hospital Research Discovery Blog.

July 2019

Adam receives a NIH F32 Award

Congratulations to Adam Boynton who has received a NIH Postdoctoral F32 Fellowship for his project focused on identifying therapeutic vulnerabilities in MMR-deficient and hyper-mutant high-grade gliomas and DIPGs.

July 2019

Zach starts his Faculty position at Duke

Congratulations to Zach Reitman who has graduated from his Postdoctoral Fellowship with the Bando Lab and has accepted a faculty position at Duke University to work as a physician-scientist. We are very proud of everything that Zach achieved during his time with the group and look forward to watching him (and the future Reitman Lab) continue to excel in Zach’s goal of finding better treatments for patients diagnosed with brain tumors. 

June 2019

Mediators of response and resistance to BET bromodomain inhibition.

The Bando and Beroukhim Labs applied an integrative genomics approach to identify genes and pathways that mediate response of BET-bromodomain inhibitors in MYC-driven medulloblastoma, an aggressive pediatric brain tumor. They also found that cancer cells changed their cell states to become resistant to the drug so that they can keep dividing. These findings nominated cell-cycle inhibitors as potential drugs to use in combination treatment approaches and were published in Nature Communications.

May 2019

Pediatric SNO Basic and Translational Research Conference

The Bando Lab traveled to San Francisco to participate in the 5th Biennial Conference on Pediatric Neuro-Oncology Basic and Translational Research. The team presented numerous presentations reporting their findings on PPM1D mutations as a driver in Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Gliomas, single-cell transcriptomic profiles of pediatric low-grade gliomas, cell-free DNA assays for pediatric brain tumors, resistance mechanisms to BET-bromodomain inhibitors in medulloblastoma and a sunrise session on the application of functional genomics in pediatric brain tumors. We also enjoyed meeting up with collaborators and discussing science over social events!


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