The Bando Lab Mission and Culture

Who we are and what we do

We are a team of scientists who are dedicated to applying cutting edge methods and technologies to find better treatments for children with brain tumors. We are united in our mission to work as hard as we can, together as a team, and collaboratively with researchers in other programs, to find those treatments that are so desperately needed for thousands of children diagnosed with brain tumors around the world.

Diversity is essential in science and medicine

We, the members of the Bando Lab, want to make the following statement concerning equality in the workplace. Our lab celebrates diversity, and we recognize that our team only stands to gain from including members with different backgrounds, ways of life, experiences and opinions. We hold ourselves accountable for treating each other fairly and equally to create the best environment possible to succeed with our goals as researchers and individuals.

Cancer does not discriminate, so to beat it, neither can we.

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